Alan Turing

Jun 03, 2020 | Michael Weiss


Alan was a mathematician, pioneer of theoretical computer science, logician, cryptanalyst and many other titles. Without Alan Turing’s work, you wouldn’t be reading this now. During World War II, Alan developed a number of techniques that led to the breaking of the German Enigma Code, which gave Britain and the Allies the upper hand and eventual victory. After the war, Alan’s work at Britain’s National Physical Library led to the Automatic Computing Engine, the precursor to today’s computer.

Unfortunately, during his lifetime, Alan was never fully recognized for his works due to his homosexuality. He died in 1954. In 2010, Queen Elizabeth II pardoned him posthumously, leading to the “Alan Turing Law,” which pardoned those who were convicted under homosexuality bans.

At Able&Co., we applaud Alan for his work, his exceptional ability to look at the finer details to solve problems and his ability to fight for a brighter future in the face of overwhelming odds. Mike’s favorite Alan Turing quote is: “We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.”