Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai
Jun 03, 2020 | Jessica Bains


Everyone deserves an education. Everyone deserves a voice. Malala used her voice to change her country to make female education possible. Malala began advocating for human rights in 2008 by voicing her opinion about the Pakistani Taliban’s restrictions on education. By 2012 she was receiving many threats on her safety. A group of Taliban leaders unanimously agreed to kill her. Malala was riding home on a bus after school when a masked gunman began yelling and threatening to shoot everyone on the bus if Malala didn’t identify herself. Malala spoke up and was shot in the face with one bullet. She was only 15.

The attempt to silence Malala not only failed, it backfired gloriously. After a long fight to recovery, she only made her voice stronger and by 2014 she was a co-recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize, making her the youngest Nobel Prize laureate.

Jessica admires Malala’s remarkable bravery, strength and perseverance.