Jenny Taylor

Jenny Taylor, Owner & President
Owner & President

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Jenny has an undeniable passion for her work that inspires everyone around her and gets results for clients. You can feel the impact she has made on the culture of Able&Co., which maintains an undercurrent that lacks ego and is filled with purposeful intention. It’s a notable difference that continues to fuel the growth and forward momentum of the company. Jenny oversees an agency rooted in creativity, respect, commitment and dedication to clients above all. Her day-to-day role is to help guide strategic positioning for each one of the agency’s clients. Jenny relishes the opportunity to take long-term journeys with clients and build up their brands.

The skinny on Jenny:

To her clients and colleagues, Jenny is an exceptional partner and teammate whose passion for her work is inspiring and gets results.

Three favorite places in the world:

  • Paradise Falls
  • Anywhere with her husband and son
  • At Able&Co. on a Friday at 4 p.m.