Jessica Bains

Jessica Bains
Art Director

[email protected]


Jessica brings originality and a totally unique sense of creativity to the Able team in her role as Art Director. Her expertise comes from a rich and successful career as a graphic designer in the Charlotte, NC area, working with a diverse clientele ranging from medical professionals to universities. She has the impressive ability to work in a wide variety of mediums including web, social media, print, and more. What makes Jessica a truly amazing Art Director is her ability to deliver a strong vision and provide out of the box answers that our clients love. Her strengths lie in creating stunning visuals that both complement and enhance a client’s look and feel.

When Jessica isn’t making amazing artwork for her clients, she’s making masterpieces in the kitchen, playing with her adorable French bulldog, Bowie, and listening to his namesake’s music. As if her list of skills wasn’t impressive enough, she’s also a former figure skater!

Delivering stunning and effective work. Every time.

We love Jessica’s work because she not only delivers quality work with every project, but she also develops an art strategy that is unique to our client. Every member of our team loves collaborating with Jessica because they know the project is in good hands when she’s involved.