Grande Dunes, an upscale residential community nestled along the scenic coastline of Myrtle Beach, sought to redefine its brand identity and spotlight its unique lifestyle offerings. Boasting world-class amenities and a prime location, Grande Dunes aimed to elevate its marketing approach to resonate more deeply with its target audience of discerning homebuyers.

Grande Dunes aimed to redefine its brand identity and attract discerning homebuyers to its upscale coastal community in Myrtle Beach.

The goal was to spotlight the community’s unique lifestyle offerings and elevate its appeal among potential buyers.


Drawing inspiration from Grande Dunes’ luxurious coastal ambiance, the “Simply Grande” campaign concept emerged, aiming to showcase how the community enhances everyday moments with its unparalleled amenities. A fresh graphic package and campaign guidelines were created to ensure consistency, while new and repurposed imagery effectively communicated key messages. Integration into existing channels like the blog and e-newsletters enhanced the overall brand identity.

Emphasized the community’s proximity to Myrtle Beach’s vibrant offerings and its ability to elevate coastal living.

Developed a comprehensive strategy to convey the essence of the Simply Grande campaign.

Distributed visually captivating brochures at key touchpoints to maximize visibility and engagement.

Developed new marketing collateral and graphic package aligned with the Simply Grande campaign’s theme and messaging.

Integrated the new campaign seamlessly into existing messaging channels such as the blog and e-newsletters.

Ensured that the new campaign materials complemented and enhanced the overall brand identity of the client.


A multi-channel approach, including billboards and airport advertisements, targeted affluent travelers.

Able&Co. translated the Simply Grande campaign concept into compelling visual assets and messaging.

Each element of the campaign was meticulously crafted to resonate with both current residents and prospective buyers.


Through the Simply Grande campaign, Able&Co. successfully redefined Grande Dunes’ brand identity, showcasing the community’s ability to elevate life’s simple pleasures to extraordinary heights. By leveraging a strategic blend of captivating visuals, compelling messaging, and targeted outreach efforts, the campaign effectively captured the essence of Grande Dunes’ coastal elegance, attracting discerning homebuyers seeking a luxurious yet laid-back lifestyle.

The Simply Grande campaign generated significant buzz and increased interest from luxury homebuyers

Grande Dunes experienced heightened brand recognition and engagement across digital and offline channels

The strategic deployment of the campaign solidified Grande Dunes’ position as a premier residential destination in Myrtle Beach


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