Creating a New Position During Rebranding Synensys Case Study

About Synensys

Synensys is a safety management consulting firm working with health systems to maximize safety, quality and operational excellence for healthcare providers. They aim to reduce preventable harm and develop a best-practice model for team-based care across an organization’s system. They were formerly known as HTT (Healthcare Team Training).

Able&Co. was referred by the NCHA (North Carolina Healthcare Association) to HTT because of our work with NCHA’s patient safety organization. NCHA was pleased with the work we provided and felt that the HTT team and ours would be a good fit.

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Based out of the Buckhead area of Atlanta, HTT was known primarily for teaching and developing the Team Stepps curriculum, which is used by healthcare systems to increase patient safety awareness and action in their clinical teams. The executive team decided to change their vision to widen their reach beyond just training. The new objective of the organization was to expand to the entire breadth of patient safety and help organizations create a safer environment for patients.

First Steps

Able traveled to Buckhead to facilitate a 2-day branding workshop where we began to explore the ideas around their new vision and how that would inform their brand. During this workshop, we explored every aspect of their positioning and branding, bringing all the input together into a single report.

In the workshop, we delved into what aspects of the brand needed to be rethought or adapted to the new vision, which was based on a powerful statement from Stephen Powell, the organization’s CEO: “We believe that improving human performance is the single most important contributor to saving lives in healthcare.” This statement served as a “stake in the sand” that drove many future choices.

We determined one key element needing change was the company name itself.

Using our takeaways from the workshop and more client collaboration, we began working on renaming and new brand messaging, including the core message, buckets and 10-word creative brief. During this time, we also cleaned up and developed immediate-need key messages that could be used to market their new offerings under their current branding and made suggestions for updates to the website.

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The Healthy Organization

After brainstorming, researching and collaborating, we presented several concepts and discussed ideas with the HTT team. After a number of rounds, the new name of Synensys was chosen. Based on the sinensis flower, which is used to produce healing tea, we customized the spelling to infuse the concepts of synergistic collaboration, systems and energy.

While establishing the new brand name, we identified key target audiences including healthcare systems, government healthcare agencies and healthcare support organizations that could benefit from the thinking, consultation and training that Synensys now offered.

Organizing their operational process into a clear, concise model was paramount. We developed the concept of the 6 Facets of a Healthy Organization, which was illustrated through a color-coded infographic. The six facets identified were: Leadership, Culture, Patients, Teams, Learning and Implementation.

Channels of Implementation

After completing our strategy, we executed several tactics that allowed us to maximize Synensys’ message and reach the right audience. We created a unique website that allowed visitors to take the 6 Facets of a Healthy Organization assessment. The assessment mapped out their organization’s health and defined areas where improvements were needed.

We created presentations, e-marketing and print templates that could be used by Synensys or our team. We also developed and created a full kit of printed collateral to present the new brand effectively to new businesses. In an effort to spread awareness of the new brand, we created a video series that explored the overall “Healthy Organization” concept, including each of the six facets. Finally, we created several white papers and a targeted Healthy Organization explanatory video, which was focused on how to understand and benefit from your Healthy Organization score.

brochures offering data, charts and figures of Synensys strategy

The Results

Synensys’ new brand, vision, mission and service offerings transformed the organization from a local training company to a company poised for global expansion. The new branding system was designed within a scalable framework and messaging that worked across cultures. Additionally, the more professional brand position allowed the team to expand their relationships with their existing government and healthcare contracts.

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