The health of your company is dependent on a well-oiled, efficient marketing machine that cultivates and nurtures each customer touchpoint. To find out if all of the parts of YOUR system is firing on all cylinders, check out our Toolbox.


Create Curiosity

Do your customers know you?

If your customers don’t know you, then we will work together to discover the best ways to build awareness for you. Strategic plans that build awareness may include:

• Advertising
• Public Relations
• Networking

The awareness-building tactics that stem from your strategic plan may include:

• Print ads
• Sponsorships
• Tradeshows
• Radio / TV
• Cross-promotion
• Affiliate programs

Set expectations

Do your customers believe you’re the best option to meet their needs?

If your customers are researching options that will meet their needs, then our goal is to develop a strategic plan that makes your value proposition the most compelling option. Strategic plans that engage your prospective customer to believe that you will best meet their needs may include:

• Thought leadership
• Content strategy
• Messaging
• Sales process
• Visual communication

The expectation-setting tactics that stem from your strategic plan may include:

• Blogs
• Seminars and webinars
• Collateral materials
• Email marketing
• Presentations
• Website
• White papers
• Selection of sales funnels

create an experience

Do your your customers trust you?

If your customers trust you, then create a positive experience for them so they keep coming back and generate positive feedback and referrals that will attract new customers. Trust is generated after they have tried your solution and love it. Strategic plans that encourage your customers to trust you and provide positive feedback may include:

• Feedback response
• Branding
• Customer service
• Case studies and testimonials
• Referrals

The trust and positive feedback tactics that stem from your strategic plan may include:

• Online reviews
• Social media
• Loyalty programs
• Surveys
• Consistency

Marketing Automation

Are you managing feedback?

Data is not the same thing as results. You need expert analysis of your data in order to make well-informed decisions about what to do next with your investment.

align your team

Do you know where to start?

If you are having a challenge getting momentum for your initiative, a Brand workshop conducted by third-party neutral facilitators may be just the ticket to get everyone on the same page.

be prepared

Is your website compliant?

If your website does not meet ADA Compliance for Internet Accessibility standards, you could be subject to penalties. And, almost 1 out of 5 Americans have a disability that prevents them from accessing your website and becoming your customer.


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