Carnes Crossroads is a master-planned community located in Summerville, South Carolina. After struggling to compete with neighboring, high-end communities, Carnes Crossroads was purchased by Freehold.

Freehold devised the Agrihood concept to be the answer to the competing communities’ luxury brand, as a down-to-earth alternative that would stand out.

Able&Co. was commissioned to produce a captivating rebrand encapsulating Carnes Crossroads as an Agrihood and create entirely new media.


Able&Co. identified the challenge of conveying the concept of an Agrihood and forthcoming amenities despite the absence of physical structures. The team prioritized creative storytelling and highly realistic renderings to illustrate the community’s vision and potential.

Opted for vibrant, natural hues in the creative strategy to reflect the agricultural theme, evoking the lush landscapes and organic elements associated with the concept of an Agrihood.

Formulated a comprehensive social media plan to disseminate content across various platforms, fostering community engagement and generating interest in Carnes Crossroads’ innovative approach to community living.


Able&Co. crafted a comprehensive media plan spanning print and digital platforms, strategically targeting regions across the country where individuals might be relocating to the Charleston area, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement. Able&Co. organized photo shoots to capture the essence of Carnes Crossroads, showcasing its unique blend of residential living and agricultural charm.

Developed printed materials such as brochures and flyers to provide potential buyers with tangible information about Carnes Crossroads, emphasizing its Agrihood concept and sustainable living.

The final product was distributed across digital channels, prominently featured on the community’s website, showcased at local events and integrated into social media campaigns.


Creating the Carnes Crossroads “Welcome to the Agrihood” video was a collaborative effort that required careful planning, creativity and execution. Able&Co. successfully helped Carnes Crossroads create a compelling video that effectively communicated the community’s vision and values. By leveraging technology and creative talent, Able&Co. helped Carnes Crossroads showcase its commitment to sustainability and innovation, setting the stage for a vibrant and thriving community.

The “Welcome to the Agrihood” video garnered widespread acclaim from residents and potential buyers.

Carnes Crossroads is one of Lennar’s Top 10 Fastest Selling Communities in the Charleston, SC area.

The video generated excitement and contributed to its continued growth and development as an Agrihood community.


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