How to Launch a Medical Device Properly

Sep 24, 2021


A puggle is the name for a baby platypus, and platypuses (or platypi) are odd-looking critters, looking like they are a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But a puggle is perfectly designed to be a puggle.

It’s also the brand name of an enteral feeding pump. 

Our client, Amsino, usually markets its medical solutions to healthcare professionals. But in the case of the PUGGLE™ Enteral Feeding Pump, the brand look, feel and messaging needed to appeal to a more consumer-like audience — adult and pediatric in-home users with enteral nutrition feeding needs.

At Able, we’ve got a lot of in-house experience with medical devices marketed to medical professionals. We’ve also got a lot of in-house experience with products marketed to non-medical folks.

Developing the strategic plan for the PUGGLE™ Pump U.S. launch called upon all our collective expertise and experience. Like the puggle, our launch strategy, brand plan and execution needed a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. And like the puggle, the resulting plan is perfectly designed to do what it’s supposed to do.

What is unique about Medical Device companies?

Most businesses generate sales with a mix of marketing and brand loyalty strategies, but extra considerations need to be given to medical device companies because of various regulations that govern what and how you say or show the product. You need to comply with FDA and HIPAA requirements, for example. Many devices are complex, which can make them difficult to explain to customers.

How you explain your product matters, a lot

At Able&Co., our approach is to dig deep before we develop the creative strategy. This process is the foundation upon which we build our brand. For the PUGGLE™ Pump, we conducted our own competitive research in combination with what the client provided. The primary competitors have been in the market for a decade, with very few enhancements, so introducing the PUGGLE™ Pump, with its unique features, offered opportunities for differentiation in its brand visuals and messaging.

Know your audience

With the PUGGLE™ Pump, we needed to be aware of who we were talking to. Selling to medical professionals with a high level of scientific literacy is different from selling to a patient with enteral nutrition needs who is transitioning from the hospital to home. 

The PUGGLE™ Pump was developed outside of the U.S. and we reviewed all of the translated materials to make sure they had the tone, look and feel that were on-brand and right for the U.S. market.

Focus on the benefits

It’s easy to dive right into the functionality or technology of the device, but people make decisions based on what’s in it for them. They’re looking for the benefits. In the absence of understanding differentiating, relevant benefits, customers tend to make their decisions based on price. 

This example helps to put this into context: People aren’t really interested in buying a bed — what they want is a good night’s sleep.

For the PUGGLE™ Pump, patients with enteral nutrition needs aren’t looking for a pump, they are looking for a reliable source of nutrition, which gives them the energy to live an optimized lifestyle. Check out the PUGGLE Pump portfolio. 

What’s in it for you?

No matter what industry you’re in or what your marketing and communications objectives are, if you’re looking for a strategic partner to help guide you to success, we’re all in! Contact us.