Inspiring Creativity During COVID-19

May 28, 2020

Although we have been stressing and romanticizing the value of “me-time,” the necessity of isolation during this extreme time of COVID-19 is a demanding situation that can diminish creativity for everybody. For those of us who depend on their imagination and creativity to drive results – such as graphic designers, writers and other branding experts – this can prove to be an unforeseen hurdle. Here are some ideas to continue being inspired in these trying times.

A person enjoying breakfast while reading a magazine
Bright Ideas Through Routine

Working at home has its own challenges. It can be easy to fall out of your usual structure and routing. It’s important to start your day off right. Wake up, reflect, take a deep breath and think about all the things you are grateful for—then start your day. While having a to-do list is helpful, it is also necessary to be spontaneous at times.

A woman with headphones laying down, listening to music
Staying Challenged: Audio and Visual Stimulation

From my experience, one of the effective ways to generate inspiration and effectivity is through audio and visual stimulation. Watching virtual performances, digital archives and other fun moments with artists can stimulate your own ideas. Binge-watching movies and tv shows is always fun, but try something like foreign movies or a genre that is not usual to what you normally watch to see a different perspective and challenge your thinking. When listening to music, try alternative styles like KPOP or something eclectic like Gregorian chants to get the brainwaves going.

A couple gardening in their back yard near a brown fence
Staying Active: Active Endeavors

Active endeavors engage both the mind and body. Starting at-home projects such as gardening, crafts or inspirations for movement or even moments of creativity such as building a house of cards can be an interesting challenge. Picking up a book on poetry or sorting through old cards and letters can be enlightening.

An older woman making a heart with her hands while video calling a young girl
Staying Connected: Socializing

Communicate with friends and colleagues. Keeping in touch is an excellent way to exchange creative energy with amazing people. It’s also always a good idea to tell the people you love, that you love them. Being in isolation doesn’t mean being antisocial—organize fun virtual gatherings such as a game night or trading recipes.

A man looking at a smartphone. Before him is diced produce, some in a blender cup
Staying Healthy: Self-Care

Self-care practices such as meditation are vital to physical and mental health. Watching at-home grooming tutorials can contribute to a positive self-image. Self-care also means eating healthy and trying new things such as different ethnic cuisines or a vegan menu, which takes you out of your comfort zone and stimulates creativity.

Whatever you do, keeping your mind and senses fresh and stimulated will go a long way for creative inspiration.

A Creative Move Forward

At Able&Co., we believe the next big idea is just an inspiring moment away. But an idea is just an idea without the strategy geared toward its thoughtful execution. Contact us today to learn how our big ideas can propel your business or organization forward.