Tackling Your Organization’s Chronic Issues

Jan 14, 2022

Got Chronic Issues?

Maybe it’s time to think outside the box and have a strategic marketing and communications agency help you move past those issues, once and for all.

The beginning of a New Year is always a good time to assess what worked or didn’t work. This past year has continued to be one of churn for many businesses, to the point where change and how well change is managed is the norm. As a strategic marketing and communications agency, Able&Co.’s business model is particularly well-suited to organizations going through a merger, acquisition or expansion. In other words…CHANGE.

One of the things we often discuss with prospective clients and job seekers is that every company has issues — while this is normal, you just don’t want to have chronic issues. Chronic issues have the following characteristics:

  • The issue is important.
  • The issue is recurring, not a one-time event.
  • The issue is familiar and has a known history.
  • People have unsuccessfully tried to solve the chronic issue.

Strengthening Your Brand and Organization

Every organization must balance its customer satisfaction against its bottom line.

What they also have in common is that the components that make up their organization — their people, products, solutions, services, processes, etc. — contribute to what their brand means to customers. We manage these contact points through marketing and communication strategies, such as campaigns.

How they manage their people, products, solutions, services, processes, etc. contributes to a healthy bottom line. Consistent, authentic internal communications from senior leadership about what your brand means helps employees make better decisions, improves operational efficiency and enhances employee and customer engagement.

Identifying and tackling chronic issues strengthens the organization’s internal framework and fuels the ‘why’ or purpose that drives positive customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

Let’s Get Started

Sometimes you need a guide to help you transform and assist you to your next level. Just like you sometimes need a special tool for a specific task, it’s a good investment to spend some time reflecting on whether or not you’ve got chronic issues and then calling us to see how we can help.