Awards — Gifts That Keep On Giving

Dec 12, 2022

A strategic awards program really is a gift that can keep on giving. Achieving that third-party endorsement from a trusted source lends credibility and creates interest. It’s a clever, powerful way to shine a light on your brand, stand out from competitors, engage your community, woo potential clients and support your marketing efforts. 

Build Buzz For Your Brand

An awards program can enhance your marketing and public relations efforts in a way no other tactic can. Whether it’s an industry award or a general business or marketing award, businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to be recognized on a global, regional, or local level for their industry-leading efforts and successful initiatives.

Submitting for awards can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. Therefore, your awards program should be carefully woven into your overall marketing plan to be sure you have the resources needed to prepare entries for submission and ensure you are ready to communicate and leverage your wins. 

Leverage Your Success

It’s one thing to say you’re great — and quite another thing to have multiple awards to prove it. 

Our client, Savannah Quarters®, is a premier master-planned community and multi-year winner of multiple accolades from multiple associations, including Community of the Year and several amenity awards. 

Of course, these awards are press release-worthy, but they can be used for so much more! Depending on your strategic plan, accolades can lend credibility, endorse the brand, rev up interest and be a real differentiator. For Savannah Quarters, we created icons for each award and updated the communications materials accordingly. To achieve our goals to attract local and out-of-town prospects, the accolades appeared in airport advertising, community signage, magazine and newspaper advertising, videos, social media and more. Check out the campaign here

Is An Award Program Right For You?

From large private and public companies to entrepreneurial businesses and start-ups, I invite you to explore the opportunities to develop an awards strategy as part of your overall marketing plan. The first step is to contact or connect with me to get started.


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