Fourteen & Flourishing

Dec 15, 2022

Jenny Taylor — President & Chief Growth Officer 

I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit ever since I was a little girl growing up in Oklahoma. From being the only girl in Little League to restoring my first car, a Nissan 280ZX with my dad, I’ve never let tradition or conventional wisdom keep me from going after what I wanted. 

So fourteen years ago it was perfectly natural for me to start a brand new company in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, not to mention my year-old baby at home. After all, when you start from the bottom, then the only way is up, right? Even though my family, friends, clients, team and community have changed over the years, my common denominator has been an unwavering, steadfast dedication to crafting a life of service. Despite all odds, here we are! Able&Co. is celebrating its 14th anniversary and during this time of celebration and reflection, this is what I’ve learned. 


No matter how much you prepare, you never know what is going to happen. There are always factors that can impact us, whether it’s a pandemic or new team member. However, these events are also a time of opportunity and learning. 

During the pandemic, I actually had the time to evaluate objectives for my company and myself. That led to restructuring the company into a position of strength that’s poised for growth. We have an amazing, diverse portfolio of clients and completed campaigns. 

Throughout the years, Able&Co.’s journey has been marked with highs and lows, but with resilience, optimism, smarts and a bit of luck, we have come out on top, and that is something to celebrate.


After acknowledging the company’s successes, I often find myself honing in on the challenges we experienced. What worked, and what didn’t? I identify areas of professional growth for myself, my company and my team that can lead to new avenues for business development, incredible networking opportunities and a strong company culture. Reflection is a powerful tool that can be used to recenter intentions and set the course for the future.

Strive for MORE 

This is just the beginning for Able&Co., for I am always striving for more. More groundbreaking integrated marketing campaigns. More clients transformed. More creative strategy and ideation. More. Backed by a dynamic team of creatives, the possibilities for Able&Co. are limitless.