Navigate Your Capital Campaign With Us

Oct 26, 2023

Haven House Services, a nonprofit organization, offers unique services and programs not found elsewhere in our community. After more than five decades of renting, they relocated to their inaugural permanent facility. Their 2021 capital campaign aimed to raise $2.8 million to cover building costs, renovations, and operating expenses through 2024. Reflecting on the successful campaign three years later, Haven House’s campaign stands as a testament to the power of community support and effective fundraising strategies. As a trusted partner in achieving their fundraising goals, Able&Co. played a pivotal role in crafting and executing a campaign that resonated deeply with donors. Curious to learn more about why Able&Co. is renowned for its expertise in capital campaigns? Keep reading to uncover the secrets behind our time-tested approach.

Special Forces

While many agencies operate like a well-oiled army, efficiently delivering requested materials Able&Co. stands out as the Special Forces of strategic partnership. Beyond simply taking orders, we delve into the specific needs of each client to ensure alignment with their objectives. 

For Haven House, this meant not only creating capital campaign materials, but also providing strategic direction to articulate their mission, address growing service demands and effectively engage potential donors. Our tailored approach extends beyond deliverables, offering guidance on donor outreach and maximizing the impact of campaign tools to achieve fundraising goals.

The Why of the Campaign

The Haven House brand, vision, mission and values explain their purpose to support and protect youth in need. Most of their funding comes from government grants and requires data-driven results. 

While suitable for an Annual Report, a capital campaign necessitates an additional layer. Able has found that donors contribute to such campaigns when they feel emotionally connected to the nonprofit’s mission. To potential donors, the why is always more important than the what.

A Haven For Good Ideas 

Selecting the appropriate campaign theme held significance for internal stakeholders and for donors and volunteers. Our chosen theme, “A Haven For Good,” struck a chord with our client on various levels. It cleverly played on the concept of “good,” signifying that the funds raised through the capital campaign would ensure Haven House’s lasting presence to continue its altruistic endeavors. This theme formed a robust basis for our creative strategy and messaging, offering flexibility to craft related “Haven” phrases such as:

A Haven For Those In Need

A Haven For Hope

A Haven That Makes A Difference

A Haven For Today And Tomorrow

A Haven Like No Other

We created several customizable pieces for each prospective donor during the Quiet and Public Phases. A library of bespoke images allowed Haven House to truly own its story through all of its materials – for the capital campaign and beyond. [See Portfolio]

Who You Gonna Call?

Whether you’re embarking on a capital campaign, refining your brand strategy or seeking innovative marketing solutions, let’s collaborate to amplify your impact. We are ready and able to embark on a journey of meaningful change together.