Continuing a Track Record of Success

Mar 23, 2023

Jenny Taylor — President & Chief Growth Officer

In this industry, it’s important to stand out. To cut through the noise. To get noticed. Uncovering how you work best, achieving your goals and curating a track record of success looks different for everyone, and (here’s a secret) there is no perfect formula for it. However, when you find your secret sauce, your glue, your special ingredient that makes you shine, lead with it. 

At Able&Co., we have always defined our success by our company culture. Our strength comes from within, with the willpower to rise above set expectations, and the creatives who are driven by their passion for more. Recently, our agency was awarded two Triangle American Advertising Awards for our innovative strategy, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and, most importantly, for doing MORE.

So what does MORE look like?

More is creating something bigger than ourselves, and we try to showcase this in everything we do. From ADA compliance and community involvement to inclusivity and charity, we want our work to become a stepping stone to a better future.

This year’s American Advertising Awards honored our impact. Continuing our 14-year winning streak, we recently brought home a Silver ADDY® award for NextGen Environmental Transformation and a Bronze ADDY® award for The Jim Allen Group’s G.H.O.A.T. Tour. As a HUB-certified strategic marketing agency, it is an honor to earn recognition for going above and beyond. And as we look to the future we want to continue this momentum. Let’s reflect on the winning portfolios.

Let The Work Speak For Itself

Our work with the NextGen Environmental Transformation was anything but typical. Brought in before they even had grant approval to build the career center, we immediately stepped up to the plate. Together we envisioned, designed and implemented a strategy that would result in approval for NextGen to construct a community hub providing young adults in the area with the necessary resources and support needed to succeed in their careers.

Actively involved from the very beginning, there was not an aspect of this project that we were not a part of. As a team, we helped our client determine how to best utilize the space, working with their contractor to reimagine the floorplan (which involved knocking down some walls!), to the messaging, fun graphics, installations, furniture and fixture selections. As advocates, interior designers, architects and so much more, we had our hands in everything.

Our total involvement stemmed from a common goal of transformation. Every element of this effort, from choosing an accessible location to creating a space for success, was selected with diversity and inclusion in mind. Our work speaks for itself, and it was rewarding to be recognized for doing more.

Forming Connections and Giving Back

Submitting a real estate marketing campaign for consideration was a risk all in itself. We knew the odds were against us, as the American Advertising Awards do not tend to recognize marketing for the real estate industry. However, we believed in the creative foundations of The Jim Allen Group’s G.H.O.A.T. Tour. 

The masterfully-crafted campaign we strategized, created and executed centered around forming meaningful connections with homebuyers and the local community while showcasing the incredible home builders that work with The Jim Allen Group. The people, the community, and their partners were the heart and soul of the campaign. From charitable donations to the Community School of Music and Wake Tech Foundation to a yard full of rock and roll goat signs, the event transcended traditional marketing to create a total sensory experience. This event took on a whole new meaning to “Find your dream home!”.

The thoughtful execution complemented by iconic graphics showcased the true care and compassion The Jim Allen Group holds for the people and community they serve, and the judges recognized that.

Delivering MORE.

The key to our success is our culture, as it is woven into everything we do. Discovering what sets you apart, and how you stand out is something that takes time. Sometimes it’s an organic process, and for others, it may take initiative. Figuring out where to start can be the hardest part. Maybe start by asking yourself this question — how do you deliver MORE?

I provide transformative strategic marketing and communications by managing all aspects of a client’s brand. For MORE, connect with me and let’s talk.