Is an Able Branding Workshop Right for Me?

Dec 01, 2019

If your business is at a crossroads in its growth, consider a branding workshop. Whether you’re merging with another organization or are in need of repositioning, change can be daunting, but it’s also a very good thing. An Able&Co. branding workshop could be exactly what helps you move forward and find success. Here are the steps we take to ensure our clients maximize results during a workshop.

Phase 1: Pre-Workshop

Before we actually meet, we’ll work with you to prepare for our time together. Both your team and ours has some homework. Our team of marketing experts and creatives will perform extensive research about your brand, your industry, your region and beyond. We then gather our findings in a report which we will share. Your job is to clearly define your goals and objectives so we can strategize together accordingly.

Phase 2: Workshop Day

The day of the workshop is here. First and foremost, we’ll conduct an icebreaker exercise to increase creativity and get people comfortable. We’ll leave the specifics of that a surprise. Then, we dive into your brand. We’ll explore the findings in our report, but the most important part of the workshop is the organic conversations we can all have together.

This is an interactive workshop where Able facilitators guide the discussion to uncover the elephant (or, in most cases, a whole herd of elephants) in the room that’s in the way of your next level of growth. Your team and ours will generate lists of creative, strategic and potentially game-changing ideas via sticky notes, white board drawings and much more. It’s not only a productive time, it can also be fun and enlightening as we slowly craft a plan for the newly evolved form of your brand. The success lies on both teams and the discoveries we uncover by being open, honest and focused.

Phase 3: Post Workshop

The best part of an Able workshop is that it goes beyond our time together. We’ll organize the notes we collected during the interactive workshop into a clear, cohesive report. The Able team analyzes everything we learned and, based on our proven framework and years of expertise, look to the future. We’ll then formulate a list of actionable steps to take so your brand can achieve the goals that we discussed.

Phase 4: Action!

For many of our clients, a branding workshop was the first step in creating a successful relationship. We work together to accomplish the objectives we lay out through innovative and creative strategies. Regardless, whether you work with us or independently towards the goals we established, we’ve seen firsthand how our branding workshops can generate a new course of successful action for businesses.

A Unified Step Forward

Branding workshops are an excellent way to get leadership and management focused on the same vision of the future. We love branding workshops because they open the gateway for show-stopping ideas and, best of all, real and honest conversations.

Would an Able&Co. branding workshop benefit your brand? Contact us today to get started!